Toxic Woman Has Meltdown After Son Opens Camaro Door Wide And Dings Car Next Door And It’s Biting Her In The Ass Now

What’s more likely: that this random guy in a Target parking lot is lying to you, or that your kid dinged his car and then lied about it because he knew you’d fly off the handle like this? DING DING DING, option A is more likely! Yet here we are, watching this woman have a goddamn meltdown when she is clearly in the wrong. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that anytime you’re about to have a meltdown in public, you’re probably in the wrong, and if you AREN’T then it’s about to look like you are anyway when someone catches you on camera.

According to Jose Rios Jr., the man who took the video:

Her son accidentally dings my car. After I inform her of what had happened and request insurance info, she proceeds to verbally assault my wife and I in front of her two kids and my boy. Camaro has no plates yet, otherwise we would’ve been long gone. Had to wait for the police to arrive before we could exchange info. Le sigh!

… The cops arrived and she continued to lash out. They collected her info for me in case there was a surprise at the body shop. They were not interested in seeing this video or taking down my witness’ statement. Went off on my merry way.

People are awful, but you know what? At least the YouTube comments are biting her in the ass: