One Toyota Dealership Decided Remaking ‘Dick In A Box’ For Their Holiday Commercial Was The Best Way To Go This Year

I respect Oak Lawn Toyota’s decision to go in this direction with their holiday commercial only because I’ve never risen on Christmas morning and walked out to my driveway to find anything other than a pile of my neighbor’s dog’s freshly baked shit. Was there ever brand new Lexus waiting there with a gigantic fucking bow on top thanks to my parents taking advantage of the December to Remember Sales Event? No, there wasn’t. So I’m eternally bitter. Plus, “Dick in a Box” is one of those songs that plants itself into your brain for hours, if not days, and that can’t be a bad thing when you’re looking to hawk affordable Corollas this holiday season.

That said, the commercial is actually no less steamy than the aforementioned dog shit in my driveway. But what did you expect?