Watch The Incredible Transformation Of A Taylor Swift Fan Who Lost A REMARKABLE 400-Pounds

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Many people find Taylor Swift to be a motivational figure, and Ronnie Brower used the pop star’s music to inspire him to lose a ridiculous amount of weight. Brower weighed 675-pounds two years ago, which restricted him from leaving his home. He was abusing food, drugs and alcohol, plus he was jobless. Doctors told the morbidly obese 28-year-old that if he continued his deadly lifestyle that he wouldn’t live to see his 35th birthday. That’s when Ronnie made a change.

Over the next 700 days, Ronnie went on a rigorous exercise regiment and altered his diet. His friends documented his daily routine and posted pictures and video on his 600 lbs to Success Facebook. Because he was so large, he wasn’t able to even walk out of the house to get to the gym, so he started off with a hand bike. Once he lost more weight and became more mobile, his exercise expanded to hand weights and chair squats. During his toughest moments, he found motivation in Taylor Swift lyrics. “He told me in his darkest days…he would often listen to Taylor, and it was the messages in her music that kind of gave him some source of joy and happiness,” Ronnie’s friend Joe Bufano said. “It kept him buying into life.”

As the pounds shed, he kept pushing on and making his exercise more hard-hitting. With the help and motivation of his personal trainers Nick Murphy and Jill Rupert at Mission Fitness he lost 264 pounds after one year. But Ronnie was not satisfied.

Ronnie’s friend Joe promised to take him to a Taylor Swift concert if he lost 400-pounds. Ronnie and Joe will be at Taylor Swift’s concert on June 3. That’s right, Ronnie lost an astounding 425-pounds in 714 days! Let’s hope Taylor sees Ronnie (Although it will be difficult since he’s so skinny these days) and congratulates him on stage.

This was Ronnie on Day 1 of his inspiring and grueling journey of becoming a more healthy person.

This was Ronnie on Friday.

#inspire #Determination #WeightLoss I Just want to say thank you again for all the amazing support all you guys are…

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Are you fucking kidding me!?!? Look at this slim motherfucker! YEAH BUDDY!

This guy’s journey is absolutely remarkable. He didn’t make shitty excuses, and he didn’t half-ass his workouts. This guy put in the grueling effort and received the miraculous benefits.


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