Emotionally Disturbed Donald Trump Supporter Got Naked In Times Square And Demanded A Meeting

naked trump supporter


Sometimes, to really know what’s important to you, you have to abandon all of your worldly possessions and see what comes to mind first. It’s like a walkabout but for everyday decisions. I do it all the time. When I’m having trouble deciding what I want for dinner or what bar I want to drown my personal sorrows in, I toss my iPhone on my kitchen counter, get naked and run into the park behind my house to see which one of my possible options really jumps out at me. Sure, sometimes my neighbors give me sideways looks as I’m hiding behind one of the four saplings that were recently planted, but if I have to decide between living a judgemental lifestyle rooted in American materialism or a spiritual lifestyle that also allows me to get a little color on my womb raider, I’ll take their sideways glances any day of the week.

I’m also assuming that this guy who got ass-naked and climbed to the top of Times Square’s TKTS booth while demanding to speak with Trump has the same lifestyle tastes as I do. (Disclaimer: All media is blurred and SFW for you bros surfing the web in your cubicle.)

Via ABC 7:

“A standoff between a naked, emotionally disturbed man and police created quite the scene in Times Square Thursday morning, and much of it was captured on social media.

The NYPD was called to the TKTS booth at 46th Street and Broadway in Manhattan just after 7:30 a.m., where the man was standing at the top of the stand.

The man was dancing and parading around at the top of the red stairs, and at one point could be heard making political statements.”

“He could also be seen spitting on and taunting the officers who attempted to get him down”

“He was eventually cornered on the roof of the TKTS booth, and as he tried to run away while spitting and swinging his arms, he fell to the street. The police had set up an air bag to catch him, but he narrowly missed it as he fell. He sustained minor injuries, according to police. The was taken to Bellevue Hospital for treatment of psych evaluation and injuries sustained in the fall.”

Listen, from a guy who understands the importance of naked self-reflection, I completely get where this dude is coming from. With all of the political coverage bombarding the collective American psyche, the dude probably had a mental breakdown and needed to make a decision about who to support come November. I’m assuming this guy just got naked and went for a walk, tried to make a decision and came to it around the time he got to Times Square. Decisionmaking is exciting. You want to tell the world all about the decision you made. Remember how excited you were when you decided what college you were going to go to? Well, imagine that feeling, but you’re in Times Square and naked. That’s pretty much all that happened here. Dude’s passionate. If I were Trump, I would step in on his behalf, because you need this guy at the polls come November. Every vote counts, sunburnt dick or otherwise.