The TSA Did This Bro Dirty, Straight Up Robbing His Golf Game Like A Buncha Jabronis

The TSA is, without question, the single worst branch of the government. They steal from travelers by robbing luggage, there are criminals amongst their ranks, and they wouldn’t know how to properly use a budget if it smacked them in the face. Truly, if we could completely abolish the TSA in favor of privatization or state-run agencies we would immediately be living in a better country, because the TSA is worse than genital warts.

In the grand scheme of things this incident isn’t nearly as bad as the drug trafficking and robbery scandals that have rocked the TSA in recent years. In fact, this bro lost something he’d probably lose later on the course anyways. But that doesn’t mean that this isn’t complete fucking bullshit on behalf of the TSA, and that they didn’t rob a traveler of his property out of greed.

Here’s what happened to Redditor Kuehbr

Opened up my luggage after flying and saw both of my sleeves of personalized ProV1x’s were opened. A thieving TSA scumbag stole a personalized Green Bay Packers Titleist ProV1X golf ball:

They opened up his sleeves of Titleist ProV1X’s, for no reason whatsoever, and they even stole one of his fucking golf balls! These balls retail for $62/dozen on the Titleist website, and the ProV1X are often considered the finest balls in golf. That breaks down to over $5 per ball, and they fucking stole it from him, while this bro was traveling to go play golf! Complete and utter bullshit. And sadly this isn’t the first or last time the TSA has gotten their hands on some nice balls.

For what it’s worth, if this ever happens to you or someone you know then you do have the option of filing a formal complaint on the TSA website, but of course there’s no guarantee anything will come of it because as I mentioned above the TSA is worse than explosive diarrhea.

If you’re lookign to save a few bucks on golf balls though you can pick up the 2015 model of the Titleist ProV1X on Amazon for $54/dozen, so you’ll save about $8.

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