Idiot On Twitter Starts Tweeting Jokes About Ariana Grade In The Wake Of Deadly Attack After Manchester Concert

I’d like to think that social media is so powerful that it inspires people to be their best. But I’m old and cynical enough to know that’s not true — It brings out humankind at it’s lowest and most-debased, especially in the wake of a horrific event like the nail bomb attack tonight at an Ariana Grade concert in Manchester.

See: David Leavitt, verified Twitter user. While chasing those precious RTs and likes, he picked the worse time ever to crack jokes about Ariana Grande.

For context at just how terrible his timing is —

But that didn’t stop him:

Hmmm… Something says the damage is done, Bro. You knew exactly what you were doing and this apology is *probably* a little too late.


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