Every High School Girl In America Should Read This Bro’s Twitter Rant About The Stupidity Of Promise Rings

by 1 year ago


Is there a dumber concept on Planet Earth than the concept of a promise ring? It’s clearly the jewelry industry’s slimy, bullshit way of capitalizing on the false relationship expectations of oogly-eyed teenagers who watch wayyyyyy too much reality television. Pretty sure a promise to make a promise is a double negative and cancels the original promise out. Then again, I sucked at syllogisms in college so I’ll just chill and workshop that reasoning a ‘lil bit.

Today some girl on Twitter bragged about how her man bought her two promise rings, as if that is a gesture that *actually* means something.

So my favorite follow on Twitter, @WeNotSocks, went in on just how dumb her reasoning is, which is required reading for all immature high school girls sitting around waiting for their man to make empty gestures with promise rings.


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