Twitter Users Shared The Most Ridiculous Things They’ve Overheard And Wow, People Are Not Smart

by 9 months ago
twitter things overheard


Apparently there is a whole segment of Twitter that devotes itself to posting nothing but things people have overheard while eavesdropping. There are literally numerous Twitter accounts dedicated to that one little thing. And they are all, without fail, hilarious.

You’ve got Twitter accounts dedicated to things people have overheard in Texas, Los Angeles, New York City, Austin, London, newsrooms, medical schools, preschool, at Twenty One Pilots shows, SXSW, Phish concerts, Broadway shows, East Carolina University, the University of Georgia, the University of Alabama, on the PGA Tour and on and on and on.

Fair warning that while these tweets are without a doubt funny, some of them might actually make you weep for society.

Ready? Here we go…


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