Two Students In Hot Water After Video Of Them Having Sex On A Busy Street Hits The Internet

Sometimes love knows no bounds. Like the boundaries of a house or a hotel room. Sometimes you just have to have sex right there on a busy street in front of God and everybody.

At least that’s how I think it must have been for Wu Xinyi, 18 and rather attractive, and her 19-year-old boyfriend Yang Hao when they decided to get their hump on right on the street outside Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

Reports The Daily Mail

Kowloon City Court heard that in the early hours of April 1 Yang was spotted removing the girls pants before the pair began having sex at a bus stop outside the residential halls.

Three minutes into the act, a security guard noticed what was happening and demanded that the couple stop but to no avail.

After going to notify the police, he then saw the teenagers engage in oral sex.

The court also heard that the pair were so engaged in their activity that they didn’t notice passers-by and the man only realised a police officer had appeared when he tapped him on the shoulder.

However, as the policeman did not see anything he could not take any action and Yang was only arrested a day later after the video surfaced online.

And the past came back to haunt Wu a week later when she returned from vacation to see a graphic video of the event online and decided to hand herself in to police.

Yang is still holding out, has plead not guilty and is out on bail. You know, despite there being video. Which you can, uh, watch below.

Police car image by Shutterstock