My New Goal In Life Is To Party At A Private Benihana With Aziz Ansari And Tyrese Gibson


Fun fact: R&B singer and former MTV VJ Tyrese Gibson built a “private” Benihana in the backyard of his Los Angeles home. He calls it GibsiHana and even has a public Facebook page for it:

Earlier this week, comedian Aziz Ansari hung out with Tyrese and a squad of other celebrity Bros at GibsiHana. Based on Aziz’s Instagram posts, it looks like the most night ever. Here’s his description of the night:

A few years ago, my brother notified myself and @thelonelyisland that @tyrese had built a private Benihana restaurant at his home. Last night, @tyrese made our dreams come true and we celebrated @thecarolinagentleman’s birthday at the one and only – GIBSIHANA!!!! TO BE CLEAR – THIS IS NOT A BENIHANA. THIS IS A RESTAURANT IN @TYRESE’S BACKYARD. IT IS AMAZING.

There was an Ace Hood sing-a-long:

GIBISIHANA TURN UP!!! (cc @tyrese @thecarolinagentleman @davidcho @thelonelyisland)

A video posted by @azizansari on

And food games:

All in all, LIT AF.

Having a private Benihana in your backyard to party with your friends in is real #squadgoals. Tyrese is quite the entertainer, t0o:

Is GibsiHana taking reservations for Valentine’s Day yet? Because I’m pretty sure that’d be the ultimate date. Hell, just going alone would be life-changing.

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