U.S Map Shows The Most Popular Type Of Store In Each State

This map that shows the most disproportionately popular type of store in each state also shows that there might be something wrong with the people in Missouri, Connecticut and Arkansas. You guys feeling okay? You’re buying an awful lot of medical supplies.

The data in the map, compiled by Yelp and Huffington Post, also shows that Americans REALLY, REALLY like to buy car batteries, for some reason.

To collect info for the map, Yelp delved into its online catalogue of store listings and calculated the percentage of a given type of shopping business relative to the total number of business listings in that state. Then, it compared those percentages with each type of store’s representation nationwide and produced a list of the top 10 most disproportionally common stores in each of the 50 states.

Okay, so, uh, why exactly does Kentucky have 482 percent more swimwear stores than the national average? And why do Mississippians have 560 percent more formal wear stores? America, you so weird.

The map itself was just the beginning though, they actually went and listed the entire top 10 stores for all 50 states with what percent higher than national average each store is in each state. So yeah, it’s a pretty long, sometimes head-scratching list. Check it out here.

Bra store image by Shutterstock