This Badass Footage Of U.S. Airstrikes Blowing An ISIS Bank Holding Millions Into Oblivion Is Why The Terrorists Will Never Win

Penagon ISIS Bank


On Friday, the Pentagon released declassified video from its January 11th bombings of an ISIS-controlled cash depot in Mosul, Iraq – a stronghold for the Islamic State militants.

The video, which was first obtained by CNN, shows the big swingin’ dick that is the U.S. Air Force dropping not one, but two 2,000 pound bombs onto the bank, which is believed to have served as one of the many cash repositories funding ISIS’ terror operations. As soon as the massive explosions clear, cash can be seen raining down onto the carnage, as later captured in an ISIS-released video that can be seen on Reuters.

Andddd bombs away!

CNN released a statement from a DoD official clarifying details about the strike which will surely derail ISIS initiatives in northern Iraq, and possibly well up the chain of command seeing as millions of dollars are purported to have been destroyed.

[U.S.] Officials did not say exactly how much money was there or in what currency, but it was described as “millions.”

“It was a good strike. And we estimate that it served to deprive ISIL of millions of dollars,” said Gen. Lloyd Austin, head of the U.S. Central Command, using another name for ISIS. “And combined with all of the other strikes that we’ve done on ISIL’s gas and oil production and distribution capabilities and strikes against his economic infrastructure and the various sources of revenue, you can bet that (it) is feeling the strain on his checkbook.”

Austin said that this is not the first strike on an ISIS cash storage site.

“ISIL needs those funds to pay their fighters, to recruit new fighters and to conduct their various maligned activities,” Austin said about the money. “You know, we said from the outset of this campaign that to defeat ISIL, we’re going to have to take away its ability to resource” itself.

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[via CNN]

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