US Airways Just Tweeted the Most WTF?! Thing You’ll Ever See on Twitter


Wow. Way to go, US Airways. You just blew the whole entire Internet’s mind. We didn’t know it was possible for a girl to get off to a model airplane until you WENT THERE and posted this as a response on your official Twitter account.



And then the magical tweet happened.

If you really want to see the NSFW Tweet in question, just, uh, Google it. Or head over to Buzzfeed.  BE WARNED: It’s not something you want to get caught looking at while at work.



Don’t worry, though, guys! US Airways is investigating.

Shout out to the soon-to-be-unemployed most ratchet social media manager in corporate social media history. You are awesome. US Air should just own it, say “sorry for partying” and move on. Every college kid would book flights to PCB and the Redneck Riveria next year for spring break if they were like “Whatever. We give no fucks.” Let’s face it… This is the most exciting thing to happen on Twitter in… Forever.