Oh, Goody. The U.S. Army Had A Bunch Of Assault Rifles Stolen From Them This Weekend



Hey. You didn’t by chance get drunk over the weekend and raid a U.S. military armory and make off with some guns, did you?

If so, nbd, it’s just that the U.S. Army would like them back (they’d also probably like to arrest you too, because you can’t steal guns from the U.S. Army) (Well, clearly you can, because someone just did, but you can’t do it and have them act like they aren’t upset) (They’re pretty upset).

According to a law enforcement source, six M4 assault rifles, ten pistols and some “long guns” were taking from the Lincoln Stoddard Army Reserve Center armory in Worcester, Massachusetts on Saturday evening.

The FBI is investigating the theft, but have stated that there is no reason to believe it has any connection to terrorism.

That’s good. But there are currently no suspects, which is bad.

[H/T Maxim, Via The Daily Beast]

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