‘Look What You Did to My F*ckin Car!’ U.S. Marine Has Road Rage As Patient Man Sits and Listens

Obviously if this enraged Marine really wanted to beat the ever-loving shit out of the guy driving the truck he could have broke the window instead of pounding his chest outside the car. What did he expect by throwing this shit fit? No kidding the guy isn't going to get out of the car when you are wearing a DC shirt and acting like an irrational maniac — that's a recipe for disaster. But this wasn't just simple road rage, the Marine apparently provoked the entire thing; he cut off the dude's truck and kept slamming on his brakes until the guy finally couldn't react fast enough and rear-ended him.

According to San Diego 6 News:

A Camp Pendleton Marine Sergeant was detained after being caught on camera in a violent road rage incident.  The subject is a Purple Heart recipient, whose name is being withheld until formal charges are made.

According to the victim, the Marine cut them off Monday and repeatedly slammed his brakes.  After stopping, the suspect allegedly got out of his vehicle and began kicking the side of the victim's car, screaming obscenity laced demands. 

The victim's passenger claims to have been traumatized by the erratic behavior of the Marine and wants their identity concealed.

Oh, but it gets so much better for the Marine Sergeant. According to 10News:

The woman filming the video is a wounded Marine. 10News was told she is paralyzed from the waist down after being injured last year. The driver in the video is the wounded Marine's brother, who is also her caregiver.

OOOOF! That's not going to get him any sympathy points.