World’s Worst Valet And Pauly D Look-a-Like Sets Lamborghini On Fire While Trying To Park It

You know that Simpsons episode where Homer takes over for Mr. Smithers? When he goes to Mr. Burns’ house and tries to make him breakfast but winds up setting everthing on fire? You know the clip.

Well, that is like this, but instead of four eggs, some bacon, toast, and a bowl of cornflakes, it’s a $400,000 Lamborghini Aventador.

In it, our valet and Pauly D wannabe apparently revs the engine too much of the Lambo he’s supposed to be parking, and the whole thing goes up in flames on South Beach.

Then EVERYONE flocked to film it. Dude somehow doesn’t seem all that embarrassed, like this is a completely normal accident.

According to the video, the valet was fired after. No word on the owner’s reaction, but that is a video I would pay to see.

[H/T Fox]

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