If You Or Someone You Know Is A ‘Vaper’ Then You Need To Watch This Right Now — Meet The Ruler Of Vape Nation

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Vapers of the world I want you to meet the face of your movement: the King of Vape Nation. I bet you’re asking yourself right now ‘what the hell is this post about? What is Cass even talking about right now? Why did I click this in the first place when all I want to do is take another pull from my Candy Apple vape?‘ Just rest assured, bro, you’re going to be very glad that you watched this video:

Vaping does a lot of good for a lot of people, and by ‘good’ I actually mean that it’s a maybe, possibly, we’re not sure but it’s probably not better alternative to smoking cigarettes. The jury’s still out on whether or not there are any benefits at all to vaping, and as somehow who struggled for years to quit smoking cigarettes I’m certainly not going to rush into judgement on vaping because if it’s helping people quit smoking then I’m all for it.

That said, as someone in my position whose job involves scouring the Internet each day to find the best content I can tell you that there is an endless content supply of vapers looking like complete fuckbois on the Internet. If I were to quit BroBible today and start something new I bet that I could populate an entire website with just videos of vapers looking like tools. Don’t believe me? Well, here are just a few examples of the point I’m trying to make.

Anyways, shout out to h3h3productions on YouTube for bringing the funny back, it’s been a while.

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