Vegas Fight Features Dude Dressed As Eeyore Knocking Out A Guitar-Wielding Man

by 3 years ago

Think you’re having a tough weekend? Cheer yourself up by witnessing a poor guy getting knocked out by a grown man wearing an Eeyore costume.

This fight in Las Vegas breaks out between two men; one using a guitar as a weapon and the other dressed as Eeyore. There are some serious criminal allegations shouted by all parties involved.

Eeyore screams, “FLEX ON ME FOOL!!! FLEX ON ME FOOL!!!”

Then the man does indeed flex on him and swings his guitar at Eeyore.

It turns out to be a bigger mistake than Pooh trying to get honey from a swarming bee hive.

Eeyore furiously donkey punches the man.

The man dressed as a Winnie the Pooh character growls then VICIOUSLY body slams his combatant face-first onto the ground.


Face meet pavement. Pavement meet face.

He is instantly put to sleep. By a guy wearing a onesie.

Right at this minute, nobody is wishing the slogan of “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” was true, more than this gentleman. Instead, the video of him getting absolutely obliterated by a man in a depressed donkey outfit is going viral.

Poor dude is going to be triggered and shuttering in fear when he sees anything Winnie the Pooh related for the rest of his life.

P.S. This cameraman is a failure with his vertical recording, god awful commentary, shitty “WorldStar” yell, refusing to call an ambulance, and not editing this video after the knockout.

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