Verizon Does Its Best Comcast Impression, Send Customer Insanely MASSIVE Bill For Data They Didn’t Use

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A 2012 report found that our nation’s largest wireless carriers were frequently sending customers bills that had grossly overinflated the amount of data actually used. You’d think this shit would be fixed by now. I mean, if Pokemon Go can tell someone they’ve walked exactly .6km then you’d think that cable companies could tell when a customer had used .6gb of data, right? Wrong.

A woman was sent a completely asinine bill from Verizon Wireless for data she claims she NEVER even used. Furthermore, her only recourse in disputing this is waiting until a collection agency gets involved so she can then take it to court because Verizon reportedly doesn’t give two flying fucks about her disputing this bill.


A Verizon wireless customer says she was hit with a $9,100 bill for hundreds of gigabytes she never consumed. The woman tells the Cleveland Plain Dealer she was on Verizon’s 4 GB shared data plan, but suddenly faced a bill for $8,535 after Verizon said she consumed a whopping 569 gigabytes in a period of just a few days. When the user grew frustrated by the errant charges and fled to T-Mobile, Verizon charged her a $600 penalty.
hen she tried to use Verizon’s portal to see what caused the usage spike, it informed her “the activity you are trying to perform is currently unavailable. Please try again later.”
Meanwhile, Verizon doesn’t appear to have much of an explanation for the data spike (outside of claiming that she accessed Amazon some 400 times in one day), and the woman says she’s simply unwilling to pay for data she didn’t use:
“I told them that I won’t pay the bill,” Gerbus said. “I can either wait until they take it to a collection agency or when they take it to court. Either way, my credit history will be ruined. I can go bankrupt here.”

Over the years I’ve had a pretty positive experience whenever I had to deal with Verizon, so it shocks me to see them trying to pull off their best Comcast imitation. This is behavior we’d expect to see from the worst-rated corporation in America, Comcast, not from Verizon who has a pretty stellar reputation. I’d like to think that Verizon will do the right thing here and actually investigate what the fuck happened to this woman’s account that caused her to be sent a $9,100 bill….But I won’t hold my breath.

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