Watch a Documentary About How California Police Tricked an Autistic High School Kid Into Selling Them Marijuana

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Bros: I know it’s Sunday and you’re all probably hungover from your weekend shenanigans. But this is important. A few weeks ago VICE released a powerful documentary on how California police entrapped Jesse Snodgrass into selling them weed during his senior year in high school. Another victim in the War on Drugs, Snodgrass is an autistic teenager with Asperger’s Syndrome. He is now suffering PTSD.

The operation was part of an all-too-common sting operation that is basically 21 Jump Street in real-life. Journalist Sabrina Rubin Erdel wrote an incredible long-read about Snodgrass and the police department’s possibly illegal entrapment earlier this year for Rolling Stone. VICE has produced an equally-powerful documentary about Snodgrass and how the war on drugs “preys on the most vulnerable.”

It’s worth 24-minutes of your time. To donate to the Snodgrass’s legal defense fund, click here.

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