VIDEO: Horse Goes Ferris Bueller, Escapes Work, Evades Police While Trotting Down City Street

“Clop clop clop,” goes this horse.

But this isn’t any old horse, this is a horse on the lam. It escaped from its outdoor job as a carriage horse in New York City, and then ran down 11th Avenue in Hells Kitchen.

The animal was spotted running scared along Eleventh Avenue near West 37th Street around 8:30 a.m.

The spooked draft horse skittishly tried to make its way past trucks and cars. Two marked patrol cars followed and cops tried to box it in, the video shows.

Police eventually corralled the carriage horse and returned it to its stable, but activists are concerned because they do not know how the animal was caught, whether it was injured and whether it has been examined by a veterinarian.

It apparently escaped during a bath, a situation we all know too well. Who hasn’t tried to bolt from the office while our boss sprayed us down with water, only to lead police on a pursuit through New York City? Happens twice a week at BroBible.

[Via Animal]