This Video Should Be Shown To Every Teenager, It’ll Prevent Pregnancy Better Than Condoms

What’s more effective than abstinence? Condoms. And what is more effective than condoms? Videos of crying babies that are so loud and miserable no teen would ever risk a chance at pregnancy.

I understand that babies have a tough time on airplanes because they’re unable to pop their ears, but that’s the parent’s f*cking problem. If your child is too young to fly, drive. Don’t be an asshole. There is NOTHING WORSE than being a dick to strangers, whether it is you being the jerk or your offspring as an extension of you. Just don’t get on the plane if it’s going to be an issue.

And when you do finally get on the plane, DO NOT pack the most horrific smelling food you could find for a 1.5hr flight. You’re going to survive 90-minutes without that curried chicken microwaved diaper you rolled up into a tortilla, just leave that crap back home.

Now go forth into the world and share this video with anyone you think might be at risk of an unwanted pregnancy!

Shout out to A. Isaac at UPROXX for sharing this video.


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