Is Your Girl Being A Bitch? Send Her This Happy Video That’ll Either Cheer Her Up Or Send Her Into A Murderous Rage

by 4 years ago

being bitchy

Not much more to say here guys, if your girl’s got a good sense of humor then you’re golden, and if not…well you might want to hide any knives you have laying around the kitchen. Worse comes to worst you can pretend you weren’t paying attention to the lyrics and thought she’d just like the song because it was so upbeat and happy. Protip: if you ever dig yourself into such a deep hole you’re not sure you can get out, claim you’re a fucking idiot and didn”t know what you’re doing. It’s like claiming “aliens made me do it,” except you’re flat-out admitting you’re a moron rather than going the round-about way of blaming your problems on E-fuckin-T.


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