No Way You Make It Through This Video Of A Woman Having A LIVE MAGGOT PULLED FROM HER LIP

Because I am not afraid to admit, I could NOT make it through the entire video of this woman having a live maggot removed from her lip.

Though I did note that either this woman is on some kind of suh-weet sedative or she’s got the pain tolerance of fucking Wolverine. As in the Hugh Jackman-played superhero Wolverine, not the wild animal. Just to be clear here.

So much nope here and I can’t even begin to …. bleregrggghhh.

Also, shame on the one YouTube commenter who said, “She could’ve gotten it from kissing a dog ….. Just saying.” (That can’t happen… pretty sure. Right?)

And kudos to another who said, “Is this Kylie Jenner?” I so needed that levity. Thanks.

Vomiting image by Shutterstock