Here’s A Video Of A Woman Taking A Dump In A Store Appropriately Called ‘B&M’

CCTV cameras caught a woman evacuating her bowels in a store last month. I can almost pardon her repulsive behavior because the store that she pinched a loaf in is called… B&M Bargains! Like “Bowel Movements.” I can see why she would think it’s totally acceptable to drop turds all over the joint.

The shitty shopper was wearing leggings and a hoodie, as she was browsing at clothing. Suddenly nature strikes, she takes a quick look around, then yanks down her drawers and pops a squat right on the floor.


Thankfully she did not just leave a steaming pile of shit there for everyone to be appalled by, oh no this is a classy lady. She covered her masterpiece up with $45 worth of brand new baby clothes.

My heart breaks for whomever bought those soiled garments and have to answer this question whenever they wear them.

When store employees found the bootycakes they initially believed the mystery crapper was a dog or a young child. However security reviewed the CCTV footage and discovered it was this odious animal.

Hey Cleveland, what do you think about this woman stocking the lake with brown trout?