Video Of Women Trying Whiskey For The First Time Misses The Whole Point Of Whiskey


BuzzFeed recently posted a video that’s got the entire internet all a… buzz. In it, women who have never tried whiskey before give the brown spirit a taste. And OH. BABY. Do they not like it.

The implication of the video is that this here whiskey’s a man’s drink and these poor little lady feathers can’t handle some DUDECOHOL.

Problematic? Yes. But, the bigger issue is this kinda misses the whole point of whiskey. While whiskey does taste good, it doesn’t taste good the first time in the way a soda or cake does. It tastes good because it makes life feel better. It’s an experience-enhancer. When you’re happy, whiskey makes you happier. When you’re sad, whiskey makes you sadder (in a good way). When your drunk, whiskey makes you drunker.

It’s not meant to be enjoyed by non-aficionados. Whiskey is for whiskey drinkers, and the only way you become a whiskey drinker (and conversely, someone who likes the taste of whiskey) is by drinking a lot of it. A better idea would be this.


They would love it.

Also, a lot of people are bitching about these women being giving Jack Daniels as their first dance with the whisk. Ehh, whatever. It’s not like everyone’s first beer was a Full Sail Pale Ale. Trying a Natty Light didn’t forever sour people to that experience.