This Is Easily The Most Disgusting Thing To Ever Happen On An Airplane

Planes scare the hell out of me and not because of the possibility of crashing, or a hijacking, or having to watch three hours of rom coms on a tiny screen. I just hate being close to that many strangers for such a long period of time. It’s like being stuck in a giant gym locker.

This story has me thinking I may never fly again.

Sixteen people aboard US Airways Flight US 797—including the 4 pilots, 10 other crew members and two passengers—all became sick after a “strange odor” worked its way through the plane. Apparently, nauseated people started puking in the aisles.

An AFP agency report says the crew and passengers were suffering from red eyes and nausea. The flight, which was headed from Israel to Philadelphia, was forced to make an “unscheduled landing” in Rome on Friday evening.

Imagine a plane full of vomit, and people vomiting, with absolutely no where to run and hide. It sounds like a horror movie or the craziest SNL skit of all time.

Thankfully, the plane was able to land in Rome. Imagine actually landing in Philly? That would make the whole plane want to vomit.

H/T Gothamist

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