Beautifully Decorate Your Abode With The Voong, A Charming Vase That Is Also A Bong

So your girlfriend’s parents are coming over to your place for dinner? You’ve got a cramped apartment with nowhere to hide your favorite smoking apparatuses – LeBong James, Willy Bongka and George W. Kush. What do you do? WHAT DO YOU DO? You can’t throw them away. You my friend, need a Voong.

The Voong is a bong, but when you have company over that may not approve of your habit of smoking marijuana, it can quickly convert into an elegant vase. Designed by Castor Design in Toronto, this beautiful centerpiece seamlessly transforms into a contraption that you can smoke delightful nuggs of weed with.

Crafted from copper and porcelain, this 2-in-1 combination decoration/weed pipe has a sophisticated look – stoner chic.

As soon as you have company, you just pot some plants right in the vase. I’m sure the flowers will love the bong water, just make sure that they don’t use it as a gateway drug to the harder stuff.