Waitress Tricked A Customer Into Buying A $3,750 Bottle Of Wine And The Guy Is Pissed

A New Jersey man is angry as hell at a waitress from Bobby Flay Steak at Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa in Atlantic City. He was out to dinner and asked the waitress the cost of a bottle of wine.

Last week, Joe Lentini and two other diners in a party of ten decided to share a bottle of wine, according to his interview on NJ.com.

The host of the dinner — the guy who would be paying the bill — told Lentini to pick a bottle.

“I asked the waitress if she could recommend something decent because I don’t have experience with wine,” Lentini said. “She pointed to a bottle on the menu. I didn’t have my glasses. I asked how much and she said, ‘Thirty-seven fifty.'”

The bottle of wine was a Screaming Eagle, Oakville 2011 and the waitress meant “$3,750” which is pronounced like this “three thousand…” and then she can stop because he would have said “get the fuck out of here” and ordered a box of wine.

The bill arrives, it’s $4,700.61, and everyone obviously flips the hell out. After explaining the situation to he manager, with the entire table backing the story that the waitress said “thirty-seven fifty”, the best the manager could offer the party was to split the bill and only pay $2,200.

They paid. They’re still pissed. This will probably go to court. I just hope he asked the lawyer how much his legal fees are and the guy is good at numbers.

H/T NJ.com