Meth Dealer Legit Named ‘Walter White’ Was Shot By His Son Who Unfortunately Was Just Named ‘Brandon’


Today’s been full of pseudo Breaking Bad news stories. First we had the taco meth truck, and now we have a real-life meth dealer named Walter White whose meth ring was only busted because his son decided to go and be a douche. Fuckin’ kids.

The bad blood between Walter White, now 55, and his son boiled over in January 2013 when, angered over a $10,000 drug debt, Brandon White ambushed his dad in Lockwood, Montana. During a wild gunfight, Walter White took a bullet to the back but survived.

The father-son shootout led authorities to discover that Walter White—an auto-body dealer, not a chemistry teacher—was running a meth ring throughout Montana and North Dakota. The elder White allegedly sold at least 32 pounds of the drug before federal agents busted him in March 2013. He was sentenced to 12 years in prison last December.

Via Vocativ

Brandon White is now looking at three years in prison after having pleaded guilty to possession with the intent to distribute methamphetamine. Shoulda kept his eyes on the prize, then maybe one day he could’ve wound up being an actual Walter White copycat.


[H/T and images via Vocativ]