Here’s A Map Of The War On Christmas — Which Regions Say ‘Merry Christmas’ Vs ‘Happy Holidays’

Over at Nate Silver’s number crunchers took a few moments away from the 2016 Presidential Election grind to collate data on something that people actually care about: The War on Christmas.

They’ve mapped the four regions of the United States and shown which regions having been taking the ‘Christ’ out of ‘Christmas’. Shockingly the South is where CHRISTmas has suffered the most this year, with the biggest uptick in people saying ‘Happy Holidays’ of any region (the map’s below on the +/- of every region).

via FiveThirtyEight:

According to the findings, evangelicals, on average, strongly favor “merry Christmas” and seculars prefer “happy holidays” or “season’s greetings.” But the war on Christmas is not simply a religious divide. One of the more surprising findings is that the Bible-Belt South does not show the weakest preference for “happy holidays” (54 percent). That distinction belongs to the Midwest (44 percent). One reason for the difference is African-Americans (20 percent of the South in this sample), who strongly prefer “happy holidays” despite their high levels of religiosity.

Fellow Southern bros, can we put the Christ back in Christmas for just a day or two? Please? It’s almost Christmas Eve, we don’t need to be pussy footing around and not celebrating the birthday of that sweet lil baby Jesus. This is an alarming trend, and I want you to do your part in fighting The War on Christmas by sharing this post with everyone you know (Facebook, Twitter, etc). Get the word out there!