University Of Washington Student Shoots Three Dead At A House Party After Posting Cryptic Tweet

It’s gotten to the point where we literally can’t go a week without having to address a mass shooting. I’m just real sick of it. And I know that my personal weariness of the mass shooting has no comparison to the actual weight that a mass loss of life carries, but I feel I speak for everyone when I say that this constantly rotating door of mass shootings is creating an envirorment where I never feel safe. You literally don’t know where you’ll be when someone walk in with a gun. Like these people who were just sitting around at a party when some college kid decided to shoot it up.

Via Daily Mail:

“A shooter walked into the event in Mukilteo and fired around 20 bullets before he fled the scene just before 12.30am on Saturday. The gunman was arrested about two hours later in Lewis County when officers spotted a car that matched the suspect’s description. Allen Ivanov, an incoming sophomore at the University of Washington, is in custody, Mukilteo officer Myron Travis confirmed to Daily Mail Online.

Officer Myron Travis said police are not looking for any other suspects. Ivanov left cryptic tweets on his Twitter account just two days before the shooting.”

“Ivanov, who graduated from Kamiak High School in 2015, also posted a photo of Instagram that showed a rifle on the ground, with three bullets on the side. On the rifle is a sticker from the exclusive Supreme New York streetwear brand that reads: ‘Supreme 16 You Still Suck’. The caption of the post read: ‘You can’t run with me.’
Ivanov is a computer science and engineering major, according to his LinkedIn page. He is also an engineer and founder of Skirmos, an open source laser tag system that allows users to ‘imagine your favorite first-person video game in real life’. Ivanov was also currently working at the Genius Bar for an Apple store and had previously worked as a sales associate at Abercrombie & Fitch. Authorities said witnesses gave information and description details that helped police catch their suspect. Mukilteo’s official Twitter feed reported three fatalities in the waterfront Chennault Beach neighborhood, about 25 miles north of Seattle. One person was taken to Harborview Medical Center but medics have not confirmed the patient’s condition. Mukilteo Mayor Jennifer Gregerson said initial reports regarding the injured victim are ‘hopeful’.
‘Our community has been shaken to its core,’ she said during a media briefing. ‘We grieve with the families of those lost in this horrible event. We will stand with them and be here for them. One thing is clear. Our community has suffered a great loss tonight. There were many young people who saw and heard things that no one should ever have to experience. I hope that we can all lift them up in our thoughts and give them space to mourn and grieve and begin the difficult process of recovery.’”

Thoughts and prayers for the greater Seattle community. There’s really not much to say here. Something somewhere needs to change. If a guy like this is able to buy a gun and post it all over social media before killing three people, something is wrong. If you post about how much you hate the President, you end up on someone’s watchlist. How come the same can’t be said for weapons that guarantee the largest possible loss of life? These are questions I don’t know the answer to, but ones that I definitely feel need to be answered.