Watch As A Waterspout In Florida Crosses A Bridge And Shreds A Semi-Truck To Pieces In An Instant



Last Sunday a waterspout formed in Tampa Bay and then crossed the Sunshine Skyway Bridge, one of the most heavily trafficked bridges in the world. The waterspout crossed the Skyway at a time in which many commuters were driving over the bridge, and thus A TON of video footage was shot of the water-based tornado. One video has stood out amongst the rest, in it you can see a metal semi-truck getting torn to absolute shreds in a matter of seconds as the waterspout hits it dead on.

Keep in mind this was around the time of Sunday’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers game, and this is a bridge that anyone coming from South of Tampa Bay to the game would have had to cross in order to watch the Buccaneers beat the Jacksonville Jaguars (i.e., Sarasota, Venice, Bradenton, Fort Myers, Naples, etc). The footage of the semi-truck getting torn to shreds is close to the end of this video if you want to jump ahead:

Here’s that moment once more in GIF. You can see the semi-truck get absolutely demolished in less than 5 seconds:

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And here’s what the aftermath looked like:



And if you’re wondering what the waterspout looked like before it hit the bridge, here’s an amazing picture a driver took of it before landfall:


[h/t WFLA’s Bryan Bennett]