‘Weaponized Marijuana’ That Gives Users ‘Super-Human Strength’ Known As K2 Is Legal And Being Sold In New York



The description of K2 up there in the title sounds pretty great. Who doesn’t want super-human strength? Who doesn’t want weaponized marijuana as opposed to regular ol’ boring marijuana? Plus it’s legal, and legal marijuana > illegal marijuana because no one really enjoys a night spent in jail.

Well sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but PLOT TWIST: K2 isn’t as fun as it sounds. In fact according to the NYPD it makes its users go nuts, and not in the fun way. More like the “let me go punch a hole through a wall and then run around naked in public” nuts.

At a news conference pertaining specifically to the public’s use of K2, NYPD commissioner Bill Bratton issued a public warning, stating:

‘These individuals, many of them under the influence of this drug, are totally crazy,’ reports The Daily News.

Bratton said that users seem to be stronger than normal and the fact that they are often naked makes them even more difficult to arrest.

Officers have been given special advice on how to deal with users of the drug. Protocol advises them to immediately call for backup and medical assistance.

The public has been warned to stay away from users of the drug, which has been popular among the homeless community.(via)

The drug reportedly costs around $5 a bag and while currently legal, it’s only because as of right now it’s marketed as incense. You can go sniff all the Sharpies you want, but no one is going to outlaw a permanent marker just because a few morons were dumb enough to color the inside of their nostrils black in the attempt to get an easy high.

Despite being legal, it’s against the health code to sell K2 over the counter…which means you need to have a prescription? Stand behind the counter while the clerk takes your money so it doesn’t cross that threshold? I’ve never heard of a prescription for incense, and it looks like the whole “over the counter is a no-no” thing is irrelevant since New York bodegas are supposedly selling it anyway:

It costs as little as $5 a bag and the drug, marketed as incense, is legal, although it is against the health code to sell it over the counter.

However, a number of bodegas are believed to be selling it, sometimes for as little as $1 for a large stick.

Chief of patrol Carlos Gomez said cops have visited 18 locations and issued 40 criminal court summonses to stores selling the drug this summer. The NYPD confiscated 10,900 packages of K2

Various forms of the drug can also be bought online, sometimes for as little as $3.20 a gram, advertising it will be sent ‘discretely’.

And while it claims to be incense, a site selling the goods includes testimonials from users claiming it gets you ‘high’ and boasting that it only took a small hit to get one ‘in the right frame of mind’.

New York officials said the drug is popular in East Harlem, Central Brooklyn and parts of the Bronx.(via)

So if you’re looking for a new excuse to get arrested, K2 is for you. But if you’re looking for a legal alternative to marijuana…this maybe isn’t your shit.

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