This Bro Made A Weed Pipe Out Of A Banana So You Can Get Your Daily Dose Of Vitamin KB

vice abdullah banana weed pipe bowl

Usually when you think of smoking pot out of a fruit, the apple is the produce that pops to mind. But, this dude named Abdullah just flipped the script and turned a banana into a pipe so you can get super sticky icky with your mooshy…

How about dem apples? This is lame, but if this banana pipe biz ever goes mainstream, they need to produce a commercial that’s like those old school Banana Boat ads — “Smoke the bowl, the banana bowl…”. Or do a version of the Day-O song from Beetlejuice

If the writer(s) was/weren’t high typing up that scene, I’ll eat my banana pipe.

To be honest, I never understood why the apple was the fruit of choice for a pipe. How was banana not the immediate pick? Maybe stoners and potheads hate the dentist and bananas can be difficult to peel?

I’m no pro when it comes to smokin’ cheeb. I’ve never lived in one of the states that smokes the most. When I was a kid, my mom told me she smoked pot and saw spiders to deter me from puffing and then puffing and then passing. Looking back, I’m fairly certain she did not smoke pot. But, after my trip to Denver, where recreational marijuana is legal, I have to say edibles are the way to go.

Sure, you might throw some people off with your behavior at first, because the musky stench you get when you toke didn’t give you away, but you also don’t have to blow out your throat and lungs coughing. Not to mention the smoke will cloud your vision, so you can’t see the controls in the recording booth and you’ll end up accidentally deleting a hot Eminem track like this fool.

I’ve never worked out on weed, but if the mood strikes, I’ll have to hit up Ricky Williams’ pot-friendly gym in Cali.

And, if you’re in a state where pot’s not legal, and you’re pulled over by police holdin’, listen to these Texas lawyers and don’t eat your weed.

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