So Apparently Someone Stole Thousand Of People’s Credit Card Information From Wendy’s And No One Knew About It

Goddamn it. It’s news like this just takes a nice shit on my day. I’m just a guy out here trying to enjoy my Sunday, maybe catch a few Pokemon on my walk over to the bars later, and Wendy’s comes out of nowhere and admits that they’ve been downplaying how many of their restaurants have been the victim of cyber crime.

Via Oregon Live:

“Beginning in December of 2015, the fast food chain has been plagued by cyber attacks. On Thursday, Wendy’s President and CEO Todd Penegor put out a statement apologizing for the attacks and saying, “As we have reported over the past several months, unfortunately, some Wendy’s restaurants have been the victim of malicious cyber activity targeting customers’ payment card information.”

Penegor calls the breach “highly sophisticated, criminal cyberattacks” and says Wendy’s has “conducted a rigorous investigation to understand what has happened” and remains “committed to protecting our customers and keeping you informed.”

To that end, the chain created a site where visitors of the restaurants can go to see if they may have been impacted.

Wendy’s says they are offering “one year of complimentary fraud consultation and identity restoration services to all customers who used a payment card at any potentially impacted franchisee locations during the affected dates for both malware variants.”

We’ve created a map of affected restaurants in Oregon and Washington. Check the map to see if you visited any of these franchise locations between the dates of December 2, 2015 and June 14, 2016. Exact dates that each location was impacted vary but they all fall between those dates.”

Fuck this shit. I’m just a guy trying to get my Wendy’s nut at 2 AM. Yes, I do use my credit card, because 1) I’m a millennial and 2) If I ever disappear, I like the comfort knowing that the police can track my entire day’s whereabouts via my spending. That’s why I never use the ATM machines at strip clubs. My mother doesn’t need to find out about that when she’s calling around asking where I am. I’m afraid to even look and see if my information has been stolen by Wendy’s. Because it most certainly has. I consider Wendy’s my second home. If my house ever burnt down and left me homeless, I know that smiling redhead would welcome me with open arms. You fucked me, Wendy, and I’ll never forgive you for that.