Here’s A Maddening Video Of A Drunk White Girl Arguing And Offering Sexual Favors To A Cop



No idea what the backstory is on this video from Minnesota that’s making the rounds today. Honestly, I feel bad for the cop. He’s just trying to keep the peace outside a bar, but this girl is clearly off her rocker while “waiting for cab.” I can’t tell if she was thrown out of the bar or it’s just closing time, but it almost seems like she was booted since she’s trying to get back in for her friend’s ID.

After about a minute of jawing at the cop, she starts throwing out racial slurs. If that isn’t bad enough, she then (in jest) starts offering sexual favors, making the scene a complete shit-show.

It’s almost like she was performing for the crowd of bystanders. What an embarrassing thing to have happen. That hangover had to hurt in the morning. Meanwhile, shout out to the cop for not losing his cool in such a maddening situation. True professionalism dealing with the public right there.

[H/T: Barstool]