A Bunch of Basic White Girls on Twitter Were Pissed That a Miss USA Contestant Sung a Song In Spanish

White girl ignorance on Twitter is so insane, I can’t even. I just. can’t. even. Multi-lingual outrage a la the Coke Super Bowl commercial from white America repeated itself during the Miss USA event last night. A contestant sang a song in Spanish, causing Twitter to explode with derpy comments from people saying things along the lines of “I thought this was America!!!!”  Just a friendly reminder that what makes America great is that other people can speak languages other than English here. We don’t make “official languages” because Americans have the constitutional right to free speech and communicate however we’d like.

Sorry that America doesn’t = Country music all the time, ladies. Isn’t living in a nation comprised of people from other countries great?

And finally, someone fired back with some much-needed real-talk:

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