Burger King Ready To Unleash ‘Whopperrito’ On World That Doesn’t Remember Asking For A Whopper Burrito

According to GrubGrade and Food Beast, a Pennsylvania Burger King location is advertising (and I’ll assuming they’re selling) the world famous Whopper in a wrap. Dubbed “The Whopperrito”, the menu item appears to be all of the regular components of a Whopper but…it’s just wrapped.

If a restaurant is going to claim a combination of a Whopper and burrito, the sandwich must include the components of both. Just tossing something into a wrap doesn’t make it a burrito. It just makes it a _____ wrap. Putting ham and cheese in a wrap doesn’t create a “ham and cheese burrito.” Why the King didn’t just opt to call this a Whopper wrap is beyond me. Maybe because the whole idea sucks.

And yeah, it’s the bread that makes the Whopper so bad for you.

[via Food Beast]

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