Buffalo Bro Awesomely Explains Why Major Snowstorms Are The Most Bro Natural Disaster



Earlier this morning I posted some crazy pics of the “wall” of snow coming off Lake Erie and SLAMMING the city of Buffalo. There’s no doubt that five feet of snow in a day is nothing short of nature being as gnarly as possible. 100 inches is literally a year’s worth in just a few days. I mean, for pete sake, look at this pic of Ralph Wilson Stadium that the Bills organization blasted out:


That. Is. Awesome.

A lot of Buffalonians didn’t take kindly to me questioning why anyone would ever want to live or go to college there. I love the snow, have lived in some snowy places before, and NYC winters are brutal as fuck too (…my bitterness probably comes from my apartment not having any fucking heat right now) but holy crap — you guys are going to endure this until April. So the Buffalonians told me to more or less go fuck myself, which as a completely valid response, even though I have no beef with them.

But the best response was this e-mail from a Buffalo Bro who outlined PERFECTLY why major snowstorms are the most Bro natural disaster. I have to agree with him 100%. There’s nothing better than chillin’ with your friends in the snow, slamming delicious stouts all day long when it’s dumping outside and you COULD be at work, but it’s physically impossible to get there.


Now while I assume you’ve never been to Buffalo, nor part of a major snow storm, you’re portrayal of Buffalo is partially true. That post about the wall of lake effect snow is completely accurate and totally terrifying. It’s wild that part of the city can have sunshine and the rest cannot see the road from their houses. 5 feet of snow is absurd in such a short time, even for us seasoned in winter after living here for 20+ years.

However, snow storms are the ULTIMATE, most gnarly of all natural “disasters.” There is very little damage done, time just stops for a bit. Whatever you were supposed to do you can’t. Work? Fuck that I’m not driving. School? Same shit. That project you had due. Hell no. All you can do is bundle up, grab some winter lager, a handle of Bourbon and some baileys for that coffee. Blizzards are an excuse to take whoever of your buddies has the biggest truck, raid the liquor store, and throw a day party. Who doesn’t love an excuse to sit around and drink all day

Oh yeah, and ladies love snow storms. What’s that baby? Your cold? You need me to come over and use my body to keep your body warm? Alright, I suppose I could lay in bed with you all day.

Fuck tornadoes. Fuck hurricanes. Fuck earthquakes.

Blizzards are gods way of throwin down some white and having a good time.

PS. Fuck you. Go Bills.

My foot has been inserted into my mouth. Well done, Buffalo.

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