How This Wife Wasted $7,000 As Revenge On Her Cheating Husband Is The Worst Ever

by 11 months ago

Pop quiz: You find out your significant other is cheating on you, what do you do?

A.) Trash their car?
B.) Burn down their house?
C.) Have sex with their sister?
D.) Eat their money?

If you selected option D.), eat their money, then you’re as stupid as this lady in Colombia.

After discovering that her husband had cheated on her, Sandra Milena Almeida rolled $100 bills into edible portions and then swallowed the money in a “fit of rage.” The scorned woman allegedly ate over $7,000 as a bizarre form of revenge against her hubby. Sounds a bit too rich for my tastes. Turns out when you eat enough cash to buy an adequate used car that it doesn’t break down in your stomach and you have to go to the hospital.

The woman had reportedly hidden the cash in the couple’s home and was saving up for a family vacation.

Juan Pablo Serrano, chief surgeon at the Santander University Hospital in Bucaramanga, first believed that the woman was a drug mule.

“We took the patient into surgery for two procedures to clear the blockage, on her stomach and intestine,” Dr. Serrano said. “The dollar notes were washed and are in good condition.

Doctors surgically extracted 57 bills from the woman’s stomach and intestine. That means that at least $1,300 will be deposited in the toilet, making it the most expensive piece of shit since the movie “John Carter.”


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