Wife Completely Flips When Husband Refuses To Do Housework And He Pays For It With His Balls

Holding Genitals

Now we’ve all heard and used the expression “I’ll rip your dick off” but probably never imagined it’s physically possible but…yeah, it’s totally possible.

A Romanian woman tore off her husband’s left testicle after he failed to give her flowers on International Women’s Day and then refused to help with the housework.

Ionel Popa, 39, from Vaslui County in the north east of the country, was rushed to hospital with his scrotum torn open after his wife Marinela Benea, 40, launched a vicious attack.

The mother-of-one grabbed hold of her husband’s testicles and pulled violently during the argument. Mr Popa’s left testicle was left hanging out of his scrotum after the skin was ripped apart.

Obviously, this wasn’t the first time hubby screwed up. He came home drunk off wine that he was given at work (instead of pay) and Marinela explained her husband is “different” when he comes home drunk.

Now he’s going to be permanently different.

Ms. Benea said she “did not know her own strength” and it “wasn’t her fault he pulled away.”

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