This Is What It Looks Like To Win $3.5 Million On A Single Roulette Spin

This dude is luckier than Nick Papagiorgio from Yuma. This gentleman bet that skyscraper of chips equating to $100,000 on red 32 during a game of roulette at the Hotel Conrad in Punta del Este in Uruguay. The next thing we know is that red 32 hit and the camera person does a horrendous job of capturing the incredibly fortunate moment. The lucky fuck won a staggering $3.5 million!

I should be happy for this person who just won a shit-ton of cash, but it turns out that this dude is already loaded. He is Pedro Grendene, the son of Brazilian businessman Pedro Grendene Bartelle, president of the shoe company Vulcabras-Azaleia. His daddy is one of the wealthiest magnates in Brazil. This lucky motherfucker is already part of one of the richest families in Brazil.

The casino generally does not allow such large bets to be placed on single numbers, but of course the Grendene family are former shareholders in the casino, so they made an exception for him.

Fuck this guy.

Reason #8,183,331,067 why life is unfair.