Winnie The Pooh Stabbed A Guy To Death At A NYC Deli Last Week

You think you know your beloved Disney characters and then they go and stab you right in the back. Repeatedly. Until the life leaves your body forever.

Winnie the Pooh was arrested on Friday after he was accused of fatally stabbing a man at a New York City deli last week. Police tracked down the murderer after he retreated to Hundred Acre Woods Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut, no word if they used honey to lure him into captivity. The killer, who regularly wears a Winnie The Pooh costume in Times Square, is expected to face murder charges.

Last Tuesday around 9:30 p.m., the Disney impersonator allegedly stabbed Luis Martinez at the New Star Cafe in Midtown. The victim later died of his wounds and shock at Bellevue Hospital.

Other Times Square characters said they didn’t know the grizzly killer. A man dressed as Batman said that another grown man dressed as Elmo had told him that the argument was over whose turn it was to buy beer. I imagine that the beer was Honey Brown Lager.

And that’s why I always take my picture with Spongebob.