This Gnarly Photo Of A Woman’s Arm Will Make You Never Sleep With Your iPhone In The Bed Again

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Facebook/Melanie Tan Pelaez

You see that? It kind of looks like the rash you have on your hog, no? I bet you haven’t even seen a doctor about it, have you? Ignorance is bliss-ters, I get it. But this burn is not from a branding iron or an exploding E-Cig or a particularly vicious Facebook comment from a troll. This burn is from an iPhone 7. And it’s not the result of sending a fire tweet, it’s the thanks you get for sleeping with your phone, according to a 34-year-old Aussie named Melanie Pelaez.

According to Metro, Melanie had been watching movies on her iPhone before bed when she started to doze off. When she woke up, she was shocked to see a painful imprint of the phone and charger etched into her skin. She woke to ‘sudden pain, pins and needles, numbness and shortness of breath.’

She posted the injury to Facebook:

‘This is a picture of the result of sleeping with my phone whilst charging.’

She told ‘I went to get dressed and realised my arm was very red, so I then went to the GP and they advised me I needed to go straight to the hospital.

‘The hospital did a number of tests and told me the mark was a burn from a foreign object and told me to check around my bed to see what could be the cause of the injury.’

Apple allegedly denied that the phone was to blame ‘as it didn’t have a distinct smell’ and claimed that the phone typically shuts down if overheating occurs.

Regardless, the phone has been sent to  a senior technician in California for testing and Melanie plans to see a plastic surgeon to remedy her injuries.

[h/t Metro]

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