Woman Throws Coins Into Engine Of Airplane Before Flight For ‘Good Luck’

by 2 years ago

This week’s winner for “I Didn’t Think This Through” Award goes out to a woman who threw coins into the engine of an airplane because she thought it would bring “good luck.” As she was boarding her flight, the superstitious 80-year-old woman tossed nine coins directly into the engine turbine of the plane she was flying on because it would bring “good luck.”

The China Southern Airlines flight from Shanghai to Guangzhou was delayed for five hours after the metal coins did not bring “good luck,” but rather alarm and worry. Airline personnel was concerned that the coins may have damaged the engine and all of the 150 passengers on the aircraft had to be evacuated. One would surmise that there were certain disgruntled passengers who wished the woman had shoved those coins in another dark hole.

The woman was detained by police and interrogated. “After an investigation, the involved passenger surnamed Qiu said she threw coins to pray for safety. According to Qiu’s neighbor, Qiu believes in Buddhism,” police said. Please tell me she throws coins into the gas tank of her own car for “good luck.”

This goes out to the woman who thought it was good luck to throw metal into a plane’s engine.

Mrs. Play It Safe was afraid to fly
She packed her suitcase and kissed her kids good-bye
She waited her whole damn life to take that flight
And as the plane crashed down she thought
“Fuck, probably shouldn’t have thrown coins in the engine for good luck.”
And isn’t it ironic… don’t you think?


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