Woman Hits 17 Cars While Talking On Her Cell And Trying To Park  — This Has To Be A World Record, Right?



We can finally put this ‘War of the Sexes’ to rest, because for the first time in history we have proof that women are in fact the worse drivers. Pessimists might claim that this video evidence is merely anecdotal, but to those naysayers I’d like to say this: show me a video of a man hitting 17 parked cars all while taking on his cellphone and I’ll tell you who shot JFK. Which is another way of saying that no man has ever hit 17 parked cars while trying to park his own car, and I don’t have a goddamn clue who shot JFK. Before I get too sidetracked here let’s watch this chick mow down 17 parked cars while talking on her cellphone:

We all know that Russians are notoriously horrendous drivers, but this is simply unprecedented. This is quite possibly the WORST driver in the world, and it’s a miracle that her destruction was caught on camera. The website WeirdRussia.com reports:

A woman driver was arrested for drunk driving in Krasnodar, Russia. Allegedly, she celebrated the Men’s day a little too hard. She managed to damage over a dozen of cars: 17 to be exact. Luckily, accident didn’t happen on a road, but on a parking lot. Witnesses tried to stop her and get her out of the vehicle. But she locked herself in and showed everyone her finger. The video has gone viral and was even broadcasted on the Federal TV channel. According to Lifenews, the drunk driver’s name is Alina Mikhaylenko. She is 27 years old.

According to the Russian website Vesti this all took place because she got in a dispute with her husband, got hammered, and wrecked some cars. When it was all said and done she got off with only a $450 fine, 8-year suspended license, and she had to pay for all of the damage she caused.

This video has me wondering about which is the more dangerous activity: swimming in Australia or driving in Russia. Thoughts? Hit me with your answers down below.