Woman Gets Instant Frostbite From Huffing Cleaning Supplies, Looks Like A Rejected Extra From ‘The Walking Dead’


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Melissa Ann Wright wasn’t exactly what you’d call “a looker” before allegedly huffing an industrial strength duster chemical at Walmart, but then again no one who can be described as “allegedly huffing an industrial strength duster chemical at Walmart” is going to be a beauty queen. According to KCTV 5, a witness spotted Wright huffing a can of “Ultra Duster” and, being the concerned citizen they were and not the kind of person who would film that shit and put it on YouTube (me), they called 911.

Once police arrived an ambulance was called to the scene, however Wright reportedly refused medical attention, probably because she hadn’t gotten a good look at her face yet:

“Once it enters the system it causes the heart to become super sensitive to things like adrenaline,” said Tama Sawyer, the managing director of the University of Kansas Poison Control Center. “So if you are frightened, you can have a heart attack.”

“…It can cause you to pass out fairly quickly because it removes the oxygen in your lungs,” Sawyer said.

One of the most common injuries from huffing is instant frostbite.

“They cause frostbite on contact. So you would have frostbite of the lips, throat, mouth and even further down,” Sawyer said.(via)

Wright now faces charges for “getting high at a Johnson County Walmart.”

[H/T KCTV 5]