Today In Stupidity: Woman Jumps Over Tiger Pen Fence At The Zoo To Retrieve Her Hat

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YouTube - Jared Sales

File this one under “future Darwin Award winner.”

For some reason, in a video that hit YouTube on Saturday, a woman at the Toronto Zoo thought it would be prudent to jump into a tiger pen to retrieve her hat. Yes, her hat.

I guess she hadn’t seen the video of what happens you wake a sleeping tiger.

Or heard the news about the tiger trainer who was killed the other day.

Or had ANY common sense at all.

Needless to say, those in attendance at the zoo who witnessed her antics were not pleased, yelling at her and calling her “a moron” and a “a bad example to everyone’s kids.”

Toronto Zoo spokesperson Jennifer Tracey stated the obvious when she told CBC News that “the situation could have been much worse.”

“It was very irresponsible of this individual to jump over the boardwalk and [she] could have easily injured herself by exciting the animal in this way,” Tracey said.

“It’s not unusual that visitors may drop things [inside an animal’s pen], but when they do, they should notify zoo staff because they have the necessary equipment to help retrieve it,” she said.

Nah, that hat, man, she NEEDED that hat RIGHT NOW. Totally worth it. Here’s to hoping she tries it again sometime.

Stick around for the screaming and name-calling near the end. It will totally make you feel better.

[CBC News, Jared Sales]

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