Woman Gets Revenge On Husband’s Unrepentant Mistress By Sending Letter About Her Boning Style To Her Neighbors

Most people, when accused of doing something bad (that they admit to), show contrition.

Usually, in the realm of human interactions, that is enough to satiate the accuser.

However, when the opposite happens, when someone brazenly and unrepentantly boasts about doing you wrong to your face, it can send you into a goddamn fit.

That’s what happened to a woman who discovered her husband was having an affair. She got in touch with his mistress, who did not give a fuck.

To get her revenge, she plastered the woman’s neighborhood with flyers all about how the woman and her husband fucked.

The letter was received by one bewildered person who had just moved into the neighborhood and she shared it with Metro.

It reads, in part:

Your wife took much delight in telling me every last sordid detail of their affair in her cruel and boasting manner!

For such an ‘intelligent’ woman she has made many mistakes, not least by sharing all these details with me.

She started by boasting … to me saying she was ‘ooooh so much younger than [I am]) showing off that they had met 4 times but had sex up to 3 times each time they met. She had no remorse for her wrongs to me or you.

They first met at The Ibis Hotel while your daughter was in school to have sex. She happily told me that they had sex 2 times in the hotel [and that] your wife asked him to remove her shoes as she sat on the bed before saying “Come on, Fuck me).

Your wife then boasted they met again … to have sex in the car. He had erectile dysfunction that day, even though she was laying naked on the back seat.

Your wife invited him to your home to have sex 3 times in the bedroom she shares with your daughter before preparing him a meal.

On Thursday, my husband travelled by train to your home to have naked sex with your wife.

NOT NAKED SEX. Also, why does that woman share a room with her daughter?

Who knows.

The neighbor who got the letter told Metro that it was given to everyone that lived near the mistress.

Good stuff. You can read the whole letter here.

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[Via Metro]